Hal Runkel, International Keynote Speaker

Hal has spoken well over 1,000 times in close to 20 countries around the world. On topics from leadership to parenting to adulthood to marriage, Hal has challenged audiences of all sizes to calm down, grow up and create the relationships they've always craved.


Dozens of companies like Chick-fil-A, Morgan Stanley, Porter Novelli, more than 200 churches, 100 schools and 50 military installations across the world have rave reviews not just for Hal, but for the change he's helped create in their followers.

Over the last 15+ years, Hal has delivered dozens of different talks to audiences of all sizes. He loves to tailor his talks to fit the needs/desires of his audiences. That being said, here are a few of his most popular talks:


Respond More,

React Less:

How to Lead Like a Human in a World Full of Lizards

The central question of leadership is this: How do leaders motivate their people to motivate themselves? How can leaders leverage their authority to create a system that heightens self-direction and engenders shared responsibility?


In this engaging and entertaining presentation, Hal shows how leaders outside the home can effect powerful and substantial change by effectively managing themselves. ScreamFree Leadership shifts the focus to the main factor that matters, the leader’s own emotional reactivity. By learning to keep calm, the ScreamFree leader learns to share both the power and the pressures of leadership, inviting others to discover their own investment in the organization’s success.

5 Truths Every Parent Needs to Know

Parenting is perhaps the most difficult leadership role on the planet. It is definitely the most important. With that kind of challenge, it is easy to become overwhelmed, and then try even harder to control our kids. 


Of course the more we try to control them, the more out-of-control they become, and the more out-of-control we become in the process.

Hal’s laugh-out-loud, self-deprecating style is so disarming that parents find themselves free to admit their struggles and ask for help. His revolutionary wisdom creates so many aha moments that participants routinely ask, “This makes so much sense, why have we never heard this before?”

The Lifelong Marriage Mindset

Romantic relationships are the most meaningful to us all, and thus carry the most potential for the heights of passion and the depths of pain. But most romantic relationship advice is not only misguided, it’s downright harmful. 


So much of it teaches couples to sacrifice themselves to meet each other’s needs, and compromise their way to common ground, leaving people with more resentment than hope.

Prepare to have Hal open your eyes, and your heart, to the best relationship wisdom you’ve never heard, as he lays out the real truths of authentic connection: self-respect, Authentic Self-Representation, and the personal responsibility to respond more, and react less.


Choose Your Own Adulthood 

The Small Choices that Make the Biggest Difference 

Respond More, React Less…Create More, Critique Less…Finish More, Start Less. These are some of the small but significant choices of successful adults, and these are the choices teenagers and college students need to master. 

What started as a letter to his graduating daughter turned into Hal’s newest program for all high school and college students.

Using humor, story-telling, and real-life scenarios, Hal leads teens out of the adolescent world of black-and-white reactivity, and into the adult world of sophisticated, effective decision-making.

The 7 Deadly Sins

of the 21st Century

How We're Killing Ourselves to Be Happy

Immediacy. Consumerism. Emotional Reactivity. Sitting. These are but a few of the modern maladies of the human spirit. In the name of more speed, more stuff, and more comfort, we are killing ourselves to be happy.

In this revolutionary look at contemporary life, Hal takes us all to “confession,” helping us repent of our craziness and return to our deepest desires for peace, connection, and sustainability.

 The ScreamFree Workplace

Getting Things Done by 

Getting Things Calm

When coworkers trust, respect, and even enjoy one another, their workplace not only becomes more peaceful, it becomes more productive. And yet, relationship experts spend far more time talking about family relationships in the home than relationships in the workplace. Until now.

Eye-opening, practical, and presented in a LOL, interactive environment, this workshop will help you transform your office into a place of calm cohesion and peaceful productivity.

Whether you’re the newest member of the team just trying to fit in, or the senior leader charged with creating a cultural change, The ScreamFree Workplace will give you the tools and principles and inspiration you need to end division, manage conflict, and lead your office into a newfound harmony.



"I brought in Hal in to talk with my employees about creating a ScreamFree workplace. His smart, engaging style blew them away. They were challenged to redefine the way they think about their relationships in the office and at home. I would encourage every manager to bring Hal in to work with their team, and in turn, dramatically increase morale and productivity."

—  Melissa Taylor
Partner and Managing Director, 
Porter Novelli Atlanta

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