You better not shout...

[Today is the last day to apply for the New Year's Transformation!]

Last Thursday the 6th, believe it or not, was actually Saint Nicholas Day. In honor of that saintly Turkish Bishop of the 4th century, let’s look at how terribly we use him to make up for our lazy parenting.

Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”? Here’s another way to sing them:

I am so sick and tired of you kids yelling, bawling, and whining!! If you don’t cut it out soon, I’m gonna make sure the fabled Saint Nicholas—who was orphaned, gave all his money to the poor, and went to prison for his faith—I'm gonna make sure he skips right past this house and gives you nothing at all this year!

Don’t get me wrong, folks; I love this song (bonus—look below for my ranking of the top three versions recorded, IMHO). But empty threats, such as taking away holiday traditions like gift-giving, are really just broken promises. ScreamFree Parents strive to never promise a consequence they won’t actually introduce.

Also, you’ll be amazed how your whole house actually gets more peaceful when you decide your kids’ complaining (shouting, crying, and pouting) doesn’t bother you nearly as much. This doesn't mean don't address it; it just means don't fight their immature fire with your own. 

The less you need them to get quiet and behave, the more they will.

Top 3 Versions of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”: The Jackson 5 Michael Buble Bruce Springsteen

Peace begins with a pause,



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