There's no such thing as a dysfunctional system

"A bad system will beat a good person every time." (W. Edwards Deming)

Every system (family, company, team, couple, school, religion, country) is functioning perfectly to get the results its getting. That's why it continues to produce the same results.

So, what if a system is consistently producing results that are horribly antithetical to its stated mission?

That means something is wrong with the system's core design and structure.

  • Yes, we're looking at you,Roman Catholic Church. (Yet another revelation of pedophile priests)

  • Yes, we're looking at you, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State. (Hundreds of abused girls & women over decades)

  • Yes, we're looking at you, Facebook. (Making billions of dollars by selling our profiles to Russian propagandists and extremist hate-mongers)

  • Yes, we're looking at me. (Still reacting too often with fear and insecurity, especially towards those closest to me).

Thankfully, change is possible. And I'm rooting for all of the above to examine everything and make whatever changes are necessary.

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