The One Change You Absolutely Have to Make

As you reflect on the past year, and re-energize for the one to come, I give you 4 tiny assignments:

  1. List three things you did better this year.

  2. Name one person you gladly got closer to this year.

  3. Predict three challenges you'll face in 2019.

  4. Name one change you will absolutely, positively have to make in 2019 to be proud of yourself on this date twelve months from now.

I'll go first:

Three things I did better this year:

  1. Organized & managed my finances

  2. Read more books & took more classes online

  3. Made quicker, bolder decisions (& went back on fewer afterwards)

One person I gladly got closer to this year: John Alan Turner

Three challenges I bet I'll face this year:

  1. Selling my house & moving (Jenny & I are downsizing our empty nest)

  2. Prioritizing my practice as a thought leader (speaking? coaching? mentoring?)

  3. Proposing, selling, & writing a new book.

One change I'll have to make to be proud of myself:

  1. Proposing, selling, & writing a new book. Now it's your turn.

(See ya next year)

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