The No. 1 Reason People Don't Change

We all have desires for change. We all long for improvement in one or more areas of our lives.

So why don't we? Why is making an intentional, lasting life change so difficult? Here are five reasons, which we've looked at all this week:

5. We don't specify exactly what we want to change (and why). 4. We choose to complain instead. 3. We choose unhappy over uncomfortable. 2. We try to change too much too soon.

And the No. 1 reason?

We try to do it on our own. 

Think about it for a minute: We desire a true life-change, a newness we've perhaps craved for years, and we go about trying to change it by ourselves. As if changing a 12-year marriage dynamic, or leadership style, or eating habit, were as simple and easy as taking a new route to work. 

In order to make lasting change, we need at least three things: focus, guidance, and accountability.

Focus helps us concentrate on the single change we're trying to make.Guidance helps us gain:an objective view of where we are in relation to where we want to be,an experienced perspective of one who's gone before us, and a structure based on research & wisdom, designed to facilitate our growth.Accountability helps usmeasure our growth, and invite fellow strugglers to encourage, challenge, and even playfully compete with us.

I believe I've found a way to harness these three elements into a guaranteed life change. I've been hinting at this for a week or so, and now I'm proud to announce the application process is now open for my New Year's Transformation.

I'm doing something I've never done before - combining my years of coaching, teaching and content creation to help lead a group of leaders like you toward true life change. I believe this unique offering will give the 10 participants the focus, guidance and accountability they need to make the change they want most in their life. And you can be one of those 10...but only if you apply now. The application window starts now and closes at 5PM EST on Friday, December 14.

Click here to watch a video and learn more about the process and how to apply.

Peace begins with a pause,



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