The Life You Want Most

“Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire." (Thomas Merton)

What do you want? Think about it for a minute this Monday morning. Perhaps, it’s:

- Another cup of coffee, or an excuse to go back to bed - A different job, or a different spouse - Your kids to shut up and get ready for school - A lasting peace of mind, which transcends all understanding

Now, what do you think about the question? What’s your first instinctive reaction…is it a waste of time? Do you hear your father’s voice, telling you to stop your wishful thinking and be more responsible?..."Don’t think about what you want; think about what you’re supposed to do!"

Our desires are the passions that drive us and the temptations that distract us. Some we’re clearly aware of, like the waves on top of the ocean. Some of them move underneath the surface, like a powerful undertow, and those can actually have more influence on us than anything else.

For now, just pause for a moment and think: What do you want MOST today? Not the smaller things you want right now, and not the big hopes you have for the week. What do you want most TODAY?

Does your schedule reflect that desire?

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