The Best Spectacles for Obstacles

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see

when you take your eyes off your goals."


You know you're improving as a golfer when, as you take aim at the green, you don’t even see the water hazard.

Adulthood's not nearly that simple, but there’s a lesson in here somewhere. You know you’re getting better at this adult thing, for instance, when a minor disagreement doesn’t distract you from an overall healthy view of your team at work, or your marriage. Or when a pre-teen’s outburst doesn’t derail you from pursuing a calm, and eventually, calming, position next to her. Even seemingly obvious obstacles, like losing a major client at work, don’t have to become insurmountable hurdles.

These only become obstacles when when you focus solely on them. But if you can pardon my sports reference, staring only at the water ignores the other main reason golf course designers put them on a course: it actually makes the entire hole, and experience, more beautiful.

Name one obstacle you're facing today--how do you see it? Is it actually in the way?

Peace begins with a pause,



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