The 5th Reason People Don't Change

This whole week we're going to look at why people don't change. We're heading towards New Year's Day, when hundreds of millions of people will make their "resolutions."

But the vast majority won't follow through. 

They won't transform their bodies. They won't make more money. They won't soften their tone with their kids, or strengthen their voice with their spouse, or speak their mind more at work. 

Yes, there will be a tiny minority who make the changes they crave, but why so few?

This week we’re going to look at five reasons people don't change (and what you can do to overcome them). And at the end of the week we're going to open the application process for a revolutionary project I mentioned last week--a chance to start the new year with me and 9 other people, all working together to make one single transformation in the first quarter of the year.

Reason No. 1: We Don't Know Exactly What We Want

What do you want? Most people are really bad at this, either because they want so many different things hour-by-hour or they "should" themselves out of any kind of wishful thinking. When we can't be precise about what we want most, though, we're at the mercy of all the shiny things we want right now.

Here's a quick hack to figure out at least one change you know you want to see happen: Predict the future.

Name one thing in your life that, if it never changed, you could not live with. 

Is it your job? Your marriage? Your living situation? Your addiction? Your relationship with your family?

Reply directly to this email. Tell me what it is. What's one thing your future self is begging you to change now?

Peace begins with a pause,



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