Take Your Time

"An unhurried sense of time is, in itself, a form of wealth." (Bonnie Friedman)

This is a strange week. The kids are home from school. Most adults are working...some. But there's a lot of downtime in this week before Christmas. So, here's a crazy idea. Maybe the best thing you can do with your family and/or friends is...nothing.

Unplug the phone. Turn off the TV. Close the laptop. Ignore the laundry and the dishes. Forget about the stack of bills. Tune it all out -- just for a while -- and take your time doing something just for you.

Go for a long, leisurely walk. Read a silly magazine. Play a board game with someone. Listen to music -- really listen to it -- savor it. Whatever you do, do it slowly. Enjoy the simple pleasures this week. All that other stuff will still be there waiting when you're ready to get back to them.


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