Shall we play a game?

The magic of adulthood is that we get to choose our next move (and mood), regardless of the forces around or within us. This means we can choose to be mature and serious at times, and we can choose to be playful at others (even when circumstances are difficult).

An ability to be playful has been shown repeatedly to be a sign of healthy functioning, and it's a primary component in romantic attraction.

But this is only possible to the extent we're able to push our own pause buttons, halting our reactive impulses and choosing to respond instead.

Think of how teams working in tight situations, with stressful deadlines, are assisted by a leader's ability to push pause, and play.

Think of how families can walk through crisis, or just ordinary January stress, with a leader who can make a game out of cleaning the dishes, or text a funny clip to a daughter in school.

(Please, fellow Generation Xers, let me know if you heard this email title in an '80s computer voice)

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