It's all personal

"...a writer or speaker should express himself, not, as if he wanted to say something, but as if he had something to say." (Archbishop Richard Whately)

All communication is personal. You know this about one-on-one conversations, but it's also true about speeches, presentations, and books. Think of every one of these you've sat through; the ones you actually remember were deeply personal (as if the speaker/writer was thinking about you the whole time).

The same goes for our 21st century forms: texts, tweets, posts, comments, and emails. Make 'em personal. Don't spread something out there--that's what we do with BS. We spread it. Same for propaganda; it gets spread.

Instead, deliver these if you're hand-writing a note.

If what you're offering is BS, then by all means spread it out there. If you really mean something to be heard, or read, or adopted, or implemented, then by all means...

Make it personal.

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