How to Mess Up Back to School (Parts 4 & 5)

Here are the last two ways to make this school year much harder for everyone than it needs to be:

4. De-emphasize your marriage until the kids get into the right routine. By all means, put your kids before your marriage. That's the best way to let your spouse know your anxiety is stronger than your desire, and it's the best way to let your kids know the world revolves around them.

5. Make sure the teachers know how much you need them to keep your kid motivated, and how much you need weekly access to your kids' progress, behavior, and grades. Nothing makes a tireless teacher more excited to serve than an anxious parent holding them responsible for every aspect of their kid's development. She or he will bend over backwards to accommodate your special requests, and astonishingly focus more of her energy on your kid without the least bit of resentment.

(Enough satire--have a great weekend and don't worry so much about this school year; it usually turns out a lot better than we fear).


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