How to Find Out What You Really Want Most

“Your desire is your prayer." (Augustine)

Here’s the easiest way to discover the deepest longings of your heart, the thing you want MOST: Ask God for it.

You may not believe in God, or you may not believe God cares about what you want. Doesn’t matter…this exercise works anyway. Set aside your beliefs for a second and imagine there is a God and this God has agreed to give you anything you ask for.

Seriously, imagine God met you one-on-one, and asked you to request the one thing you wanted. Imagine the supreme intelligence and power of the universe, with all creative powers at hand, asking you to say aloud the one thing you want more than anything.

What would you say?

A million dollars tax-free? A happier marriage? (Or a different spouse?) A job you love? Happy, successful, self-sufficient kids? How about a more patient, forgiving heart?

Do you find yourself judging your wants as too selfish? Too small? Too big? Try not to put any judgment on it whatsoever. Just name it and write it down.

Then, sometime this weekend, take it out and look at it. Re-examine it. Is this really what you would ask God for? Is it a strong enough, true enough desire that you would ask God for it? If so, then here’s the next thought…

How would you organize your life in order to receive this “blessing"? What would you be willing to do in order to get it?

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