How's summer reading going?

"Read in order to live." (Gustave Flaubert)

It's now the middle of summer. That usually means those books we bought for their summer reading back in June might actually get opened soon.

But you know, they don’t HAVE to do their reading, and you can’t FORCE someone to ingest info with their eyeballs; they can choose to suffer the consequences instead.

Same goes for you. You don’t have to read anything. You don’t have to voluntarily grow your attention span, and feed your brain with words on a page.

(Yes, the vast majority of the world’s most successful people are avid readers.)

(Yes, reading is shown time and time again as a necessary component for the lasting learning of…anything.)

(Oh, and yes, most of the world believes even God chose books as the primary means of revealing divine truth.)

But no, you don’t have to read. Please consider this, however: You want your kids to read? They usually won’t if you usually don’t.

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