Don't get out of your comfort zone...

"Limits, like fear, are often an illusion." (Michael Jordan)

We've all heard a million times over the need to get out of our comfort zone. That life begins at the end of our comfort zone, and growth can only occur outside our comfort zone.

But the real goal is not to just get outside of our zone of comfortable activities; the real goal is to expand it. If we truly want to get better at anything, we have to expand the range of thoughts and actions we can take without freaking out.

Think about driving. Every action involved was new and uncomfortable at first. But now? I'd bet you could close your eyes while standing next to the driver's door, get in, and get the car started without looking.

Think about sex (difficult assignment, I know). Every next step of romance and sex was scary before you took it. And now you're capable of expressing yourself beautifully...all because you expanded your comfort zone.

The way we start any of these things is by yes, stepping out into the unknown and uncomfortable. The way we grow is by staying out there enough to create a new normal.

(Now open your eyes before you start driving. And stop thinking about least while you're on the road.)

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