Can you listen for a second?

"He who cannot put his thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of dispute.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

You are on the hardest journey of life, this climb towards getting better. This is the journey of maturity, where you learn to influence more by reacting less.

One of the underlooked essentials to this growth has been your ability to suspend your beliefs long enough to genuinely listen to another view. Think about it: Every new truth you've come to accept required, at some point, your willingness to suspend what you believed…for at least a moment.

You’ve had many people in your life do the same for you. As you’ve explored and then exclaimed new political or religious opinions, wise people around you suspended their reactions for at least a moment, allowing your words to reverberate around you both.

Sometimes this has led you to then question and discredit these new ideas.

Sometimes, it has led others to allow you to influence them.

None of this growth happens without a willingness to suspend our reactions and beliefs, at least for a second. That’s the only way true listening can ever occur.

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