Big Changes Ahead

I really need your input, Pausers.

Today I'm releasing my new website, and beginning a rebranding of almost everything I do. Basically, after years of feedback in this direction, I'm choosing to broaden my scope beyond ScreamFree, and focus more on the unique platform of my own expertise, experience, and personality.

Welcome to

This is a large undertaking, one which will take some time to implement and, frankly, will take some getting used to. I've always been a bit reticent to build a brand around my name, but that time has come as I'm developing more and more life solutions for leaders and organizations beyond the ScreamFree name.

So, I'll be asking for your feedback as I move forward on this, as you guys have been the supporting foundation of all my work all these years.

And here's my first ask: What do you think of the website? When you get a second, please go and take a look around. I'm sure there are some glitches, some awkward photos, and perhaps even a typo or two.

But it's time I embrace all I'm gifted and called to deliver, and I'm launching a site that boldly puts myself out there as a confident solution to your most vexing problems in life and work.

Lemme know what you think by simply replying to this email.

And tomorrow, I'll let you know about a profound way to change your life by changing your tone, with me as your direct guide.

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