Be quick, but...

"Be quick, but don't hurry." (Coach John Wooden)

The 21st century is already known for its emphasis on immediacy. Our lightning-fast technology is meant to help us manage our lives more effectively, thereby reducing our anxiety. But this has actually backfired--most of us simply feel even more in a hurry, and more anxious to get more done in less time. And this will always lead to mistakes.

For instance, yesterday's Daily Pause had an egregious error in it. Where I meant to say that love was greater than hope or faith, quoting the Christian New Testament in 1 Corinthians 13:13, I mistakenly said "hope or love."

What this mistake highlighted for me is the damage done by hurrying through a task. Yesterday was an interesting day, as I had to cancel my Korea trip short due to the arrival of Typhoon Soulik. I left Camp Humphreys, the Army post where I working, to hurry and catch a flight out of Seoul's Incheon airport. I hurriedly typed out yesterday's Pause while waiting to board the long flight home to Atlanta.

Thankfully, several of you replied to the email letting me know of the mistake, and I'm grateful. Please know anyone can always simply reply to these emails and it comes straight to my inbox. I don't always reply to all of your messages, but I certainly try to.

Here was how yesterday's Daily Pause was supposed to read: (now corrected online)

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