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I'm so excited to moving forward with you, partnering on this 91-Day Transformation to help you make that one key change in your life. Please enter your information below and choose your payment method to finalize and secure your spot.


Here's what the select 10 will receive:

  • An initial call with me to welcome them onboard and help them select their one change

  • Five (5) scheduled hour-long individual coaching sessions with me, either by phone or Zoom video

  • Five (5) private webinars with the whole group, led by me, where I'll be sharing success stories amongst the 10 and messages to help their journeys, AND where I'll be debuting totally new material for my newest book

  • Access to a private Facebook group with only the 11 of us, where we'll all be challenging and supporting one another's change

  • Lifetime access to the Pause Platform, the hosting place for all my current and future online classes

  • Signed copies of all three of my books

  • Their own BestSelf Journal, the best productivity and achievement hack I've ever used. This 13-week journal was the genesis of my 91-Day Transformation program, and it'll be the instrument for planning, tracking, and accomplishing one lasting change

This is the first time I've ever offered this kind of direct group guidance, and that's why I'm taking two important steps:

  • Pricing this at a lower rate than my normal individual coaching

  • Offering a 100% refund if, at the end of the 91 days, the applicant is not totally satisfied with their accomplished transformation.

Even at a reduced price, the financial investment for this life change is significant: $3,850. But the time and effort investment may be more expensive. This process is designed to make this life change your No. 1 priority, because it takes that kind of guided focus to change.

If this kind of change is exactly what you were hoping to accomplish as a New Year's resolution, and if you're ready to focus and grow like never before, and you believe I'm a worthy guide to help you create this change...I'm asking you to apply. 

If you're ready to change, I'm ready to be your guide.

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