True integrity is an integration of the various parts of your self (desires, words, & actions), and the various parts of your life (work, love, family). When one part of you is misaligned with the rest, it makes it extremely difficult to stand tall and pursue your dreams with confidence.

I consider myself an integrity coach. My job is to help you discover and then integrate the different parts of your self and your life so you can boldly pursue what it is you want most. 

If you'd like to figure out what's keeping you stuck or what you need to do to be better, search below for the three different ways I coach people toward a true life of integrity. 

I believe in me and you enough to guarantee your results.

Everything hinges on integrity but very few people even know what it means.

The 91-Day Transformation

We all want to make changes in our lives, but doing so takes a focused effort in a structured time frame. That's why I lead my individual clients through a 13-week (91 day) process focused on making one significant change in one area of their lives. In my nearly 20 years of coaching, this is the single best way I've come across to help people create any lasting change.

If you're ready to make one big change (grow your business, repair your marriage, improve your leadership, get sober, increase your confidence, change your body), apply to become a client. I'm ready to help you make the transformation you've always wanted, and I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't transformed in the process. 

day-long intensives

I do actually make house calls, and it's my preferred way to help couples and teams. Spending 6-8 hours together on site is like squeezing three month's worth of coaching into a single day. People are usually amazed at how quickly we can unearth the relational dynamics keeping them stuck, begin making real changes in how they operate with each other, and instill a common vocabulary and method for addressing any future problems as they arise. 

Concierge Coaching for Leaders

For a few select clients, I make myself completely available for round-the-clock guidance. We contract on a monthly basis for scheduled sessions, impromptu calls & texts, and onsite intensives when warranted. Often these leaders invite me into their businesses as well, addressing their people and consulting with their leadership teams.

This is the surest path toward putting the principles of integrated living into practice. 


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